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Driveway, Garage / Shed Base

Driveway/Shed Base Calculator

{{ hardcoreNeeded }} tonnes of hardcore/type 1 required
{{ concreteNeeded }} cubic meters of concrete required

Driveway, Garage / Shed Base

Measure the Length and Width of the area you wish to use. You will need to excavate a minimum of 200mm. This is the minimum make up.

You will need to build a frame for in the excavated area to stop the side walls from caving in.

The ground underneath needs to be weed free and it is recommended you prepare the ground ( soil) by making it as flat as possible. Use a rake to level out any imperfections and place the frame in the excavated area checking it is level.

It is recommended you allow for a minimum of 100mm of hardcore / Type1 for the base. This needs to be compacted fully using a machine you can hire called a Wacker Plate. This compacts the material to its maximum. If this is not compacted correctly this can cause problems with the area in the future.

On top of the Hardcore it is recommended a minimum100-150mm of Concrete.

Please contact Sand and Gravel Direct to assist you in the correct concrete mix for the right application.

Concrete should then be poured be compacted using a concrete poker or a length of wood wider than the width of structure you are filling. The length of wood needs to be lifted and gently bounced on the top of the concrete (this helps to remove air trapped in the concrete). Use the wood to slowly and gently bounce and drag the concrete towards you. The length of wood needs to be on top of the frame to ensure your concrete is level.

Concrete will need a minimum of 7 Days to set (cure) and then can be lightly trafficked. After this time the concrete will still continue to get stronger.

There are a variety of concrete mixes available, Please contact Sand and Gravel Direct for assistance in choosing the correct concrete mix for the right application.

Sand and Gravel direct are able to offer support on Ready to use Concrete and a Concrete pumps if the project is at the rear of the property or difficult to access.

Please use the calculator on this page to assist you in working out the quantity of material required for your project.