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Patio / Paving

Patio Paving Chart

Patio / Paving

Measure the Length and Width of the area you wish to use.

You will need to excavate a Minimum of 150mm This is the minimum make up

You will need to build a frame for in the excavated area to stop the sides from caving in.

The ground underneath needs to be weed free and it is recommended you prepare the ground ( soil) by making it as flat as possible.

Use a rake to level out any imperfections and place the frame in the excavated area checking it is level.

It is recommended you allow for a minimum of 100mm of hardcore for the base (type1)

On top of the Hardcore it is recommended a minimum 50mm of bedding sand (Sharp Sand) to lay your paving slabs/bricks on.

Patio Calculation

Enter Your Requirements

  • Meters




  • Millimeters

    Min 100mm


    Min 50mm

  • big equal
  • 57 Tonnes of Hardcore / Type 1 Required

    48 Tonnes of Sand Required


    57 Bulk Bags of Sand Required

Patio Paving Chart