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  • Sharp Sand

    Sharp Sand

    Ideal for Block Paving , Patios, Screeding, bedding pipes,under artificial grass, oversites and Sand Blasting

    By adding cement you make screed, buy adding cement and gravel you make concrete

Sharp Sand

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Sharp sand is used for a number of purposes, under Block Paving, Paving Slabs and artificial Grass,

Sharp sand can be used in the base of a trench to lay cables on, Sharp sand is also used for sand blasting too.

When mixed with cement (1 to 4 ratio) sharp sand becomes screed and is used to level out floors.

By adding gravel and cement to sand you make concrete

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Sand and Gravel Direct will not be held responsible for aesthetic claims. Sand and Gravel Direct offer a sample service which enables the customer to visually assess the product before they place an order.  Sand and Gravel Direct will not be held responsible for variations in material colour.  Quarried materials are natural and can vary due to the way they have been formed over thousands of years.

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